yaje got a digital camera for christmas and fancies himself a blogger now. here's his first guest update!

he didn't give me any captions, so i'll do them if i feel like it. here's some art

nice, like your taste in evil yaje

yeah, perving out!

what the fuck is this all about?


dr. popson

yaje's cali homies are wierd...



i heard yaje blew it HARD at the berrics

mike was there to film for his battle commander

fuck this, you know i hate horses yaje! i'm not putting any more horse pictures unless they're being shot at

"hello clarice..."

what's with this kid and avacados?

coolest guys yaje knows!

rich mahogany!

high school


a lot of dicktations have been thrown up lately


then yaje took a lot of photos of paintings. kind of a blog no-no, but he's learning. nice first try yaje