winter savior

all thanks to this guy

al really excited about his christmas shopping success


al and i are going to take you on a tour of rowayton where we learned how to skateboard

it used to be a big deal for people to bomb this hill. it's actually not at all

shingles gap didn't used to have this wall. now it's gnarly, but it sure didn't used to be

now it's condos, but this used to be an office building called coldwater with tons of waxed curbs. one of the curbs had a
huge crack in it that we called rake yohn because it was big and gnarly. made sense at the time

we called the building next to coldwater hotwater, because it had no name. but it did have this 5 stair

this sweet gap is also at hotwater


manny pad at the bank. sometimes we'd put a box off the end if we were feeling really gnarly.

the hammer spot. al ollied this 10 stair on new years eve 2001. it was a big deal

al is still on the wall