tampa pro

frosty's dungeon

billy thought this was antuan

sadly not

brengar sighting!

james sighting!

oh gear

we found matt field floating around on a yoga matt in ybor


this is the only skate photo i attempted to take. it's keegan sauder doing a front blunt

now i will include these notes i wrote in my phone when i was bored at the contest. if you don't care, look no further

Tampa pro recap:

Zered did sickest trick - bs180nosegrindrevert on bank to wall, too bad he did it during practice and it didn't count for anything

Actually he tied with brian tucci - he did an alleyoop wallride that was so sick

Chad Bartie skated really good-impressive

Gershon mosely gets so sweaty in literally 45 seconds

Tbone has really really harsh graffitti style tats

Danny falla put on for his city hard: 12th place in the qualifiers

Torey pudwill is fucked up good

Butteryassdonovan is sitting next to me, and not only is that dude wack but his gross little skank girlfriend is sitting on his lap the whole time - bad look

Chaz ortiz is the new, more ethnic sheckler- insanely good, harsh allover prints, diamond earrings and his dad handing him water bottles out of a backpack the whole time. Also he didn't smile once. but he should have won

Busenitz, appleyard, koston, Trujillo  just as amazing as you would imagine

Kyle berard, underrated ripper

The pole robbed Rohan and many others. You should have seen Rohan in practice, KILLING it

Matt field has lost it. Dressed like a crazed gypsy, tried to put up a rasa libre banner over another banner and got called out on the mic. During his heat he missed his first run, then his second run consisted of bailing a kickflip over the hip, attempting a street plant then walking off the course, all with a huge smile.  Saw him wandering around ybor solo handing out rasa shirts too anyone. I got one

Andrew pott - the weirdo vato

Peter ramondetta had a perfect run so sick

Koston swbs360s over the hip

The whole weekend prod was wearing a prod hat, a prod shirt and prod shoes. That must be weird. And he was killing it.

Jani latila sw heels over the pyramid every time

Everything eldridge does, he does for his hood

the best thing i saw all weekend was lutzka almost cut off buzenitz, then buzenitz dropping in right after him trying to snake him. as if buzenitz needed more cool points