here comes some super random shit before i leave

keith the pedophile

really should have bought this one

fuck yeah

the elusive corley

corley skating!

a photo of caleb doing a sweet trick shot by bk. yeah bk and caleb!


about to make friends


super secret location

interesting conversations

for some reason you can't tell in this picture how crooked bd's arm is. but trust me, it is

happy birthday jenna!

guess who made cupcakes

a sad day for the internet

an awesome day for the internet

oldy but goody


jeremy cohan? (brandon found this one)

gigliotti takes photos now? crowd at the rich mahogany premier

mr t!

not mr t


yeah billy!

i'm off to barcelona to meet torey g. hopefully there is internet out there so you can see what's up. otherwise, see you in two weeks